Procenter i Blodet vs #tEd.swe
Dato 2002-10-17
Type ClanBase DK 5on5
Map 1 15 / 9 - de_nuke 
Map 2 4 / 20 - de_prodigy 
PIB Lineup TZ, Himself, MadseN, Hit, Zedd0R 
Rapport We entered this game knowing it would be tough.

With tEd having faced opponents like Amistad, we knew they were used to both aim and tactics on a high level, and that combined with their obvoius experience on prodigy, we feared could decide the outcome of this game.

We were right.

tEd left us no chances on prodigy, where we all in all managed to get 4 rounds, while tEd got 20. We could have done better tho, but lack of training on the map, combined with a new man and some bad luck left us 16 rounds down before our map, nuke.

As CT on nuke, we did a fine job defending the bombsites, actually, just as fine as tEd did their Prodigy. With an 11-1 win as CT, the game was still open. We knew, 3 rounds to tEd as CT would give them the win, so after loosing the gunround, and 2nd round, we decided to buy, and take the chance. That round was lost, and a time out was needed. Luckily for us, a few rounds later, Himself's comp crashed'n'burned (almost, his cooler got loose, which turned the machine to reboot spontaneously). After this needed break, we managed to regain control of the game, winning 5 of the remaining 6 rounds.

We ended up loosing 19-29 in a game decided purely by tEd's experience on prodigy.
GG tEd, no complaining, no whining, just pure gaming the way we like it


de_train / de_cpl_mill
0/1 Rapport:
Sort dag i PiB´s levetid... læs nyheden..... Klik for at lse resten.
de_dust2 / de_cbble
51/9 Rapport:
En helt iorden kamp, som ikke var præget af whine eller noget andet a.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_clan1_mill / de_nuke
1/0 Rapport:
Forfeit win. ZzZ.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_clan1_mill / de_nuke
18/42 Rapport:
En kamp præget af ændring i den originale lineup. Shit happens, gg t.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_cbble / de_nuke
1/0 Rapport:
forfeit win, because they played with 3 players that not was registere.. Klik for at lse resten.
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