Procenter i Blodet vs Evil Eskimoes
Dato 2003-01-04 @ 20:00
Type ClanBase DK 5on5
Map 1 18 / 6 - de_nuke 
Map 2 21 / 3 - de_aztec 
PIB Lineup  
Rapport Yesh yesh, back after holidays with a bang!

We started out with some trouble about the serversettings, since the Eskimoes didn't really want to play with the WWCL-settings we had (for once it wasn't interp that was the problem tho ). After some discussing, we decided to play anyways.

Aztec, we started out as T and lost the gunround, but quickly came back winning 2nd round, and by winning the next 5, we got the confidence, and won the quarter 10-2

as CT we continued the same way, alltho they did manage to come through a bit more that expected, most likely thanks to TZ not hitting anyone in this quarter. So, a record has been stopped. All my time in PIB, I've never completed a quarter without a frag, until now
The quarter ended 8-4

With a 18-6 lead before our beloved nuke, we felt pretty sure we would win.
In 4th round, 4 of their players lost their net, as well as our Himself's comp died, so we decided to take it all again.
We did the same thing tho, easily defending our nuclear weapons and won 11-1

As T, everybody relaxed, even them We still managed to get a 10-2 win though.

39-9 all in all. GGs evil eskimoes ^^


de_train / de_cpl_mill
0/1 Rapport:
Sort dag i PiB´s levetid... læs nyheden..... Klik for at lse resten.
de_dust2 / de_cbble
51/9 Rapport:
En helt iorden kamp, som ikke var præget af whine eller noget andet a.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_clan1_mill / de_nuke
1/0 Rapport:
Forfeit win. ZzZ.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_clan1_mill / de_nuke
18/42 Rapport:
En kamp præget af ændring i den originale lineup. Shit happens, gg t.. Klik for at lse resten.
de_cbble / de_nuke
1/0 Rapport:
forfeit win, because they played with 3 players that not was registere.. Klik for at lse resten.
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